Hello, I am Harini Sankarnarayan. This blog is my journey with ladles and whisks and everything to do with food. My love for food has taken me many places with wonderful experiences and stories to share. This will be my humble attempt to include you in some of those. For a while now, I have been asked by many to start a blog. Initially, I resisted thinking it was a self indulgent exercise. “Who on earth will want to read it?” I kept asking myself. “We will” replied many. For all those who trusted me–this is for you.

As a graduate in Hotel Management, I don’t claim to understand the industry, but I do understand flavours (my mom will vouch for that) As a student of English Literature, I love to write (So the blog seems natural right?) And my Master’s in Theatre will explain why I am sometimes over- dramatic.

This blog will contain vegetarian recipes (I am sometimes willing to make excuses for eggs in bakes) old, new, borrowed and own. So if you are willing to hop on and join me in the journey, leave me a comment. Let me know what you think, what you would like to read and what you would like me to write about. So pick up your ladle and don’t forget your whisk.


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  1. Have been waiting to have your wonderful recipes at one place….ooooh the flavours…the bakes n the drama…a pretty heady mix…ain’t it….
    Surely not for the faint hearted
    Your recipes are easy n such fun to follow n recreate….n your always ready to dole us out Wenever we get stuck attitude….commendable….
    Though haven’t met you as yet….n that surely is on my wishlist… ut can surely say….AN IMMENSELY TALENTED BAKER…A MAGICIAN WITH BREADS…AND AN EQUALLY WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING…TRULY AN INSPIRATION FOE ALL N SUNDRY…
    Congratulations on the launch of your blog and looking forward to dishing out some real healthy n tasty stuff from here….


    1. Thank you ever so much for your lovely words. If you could see me now, I am turning a bright shade of red. I do hope to fill these pages with interesting recipes and discoveries. Hope you can join me.


  2. I am not much of a baker, bake only occasionally that too simple & nude cakes. Have never ventured into baking a bread as i find the process too tedious….But living in Paris for sometime has made me fall in love with baguettes which literally became my lunch on the weekdays. Back in India I sometime crave for my quota of baguette very badly. Your recipe is now inspiring me & challenging me to venture into baking breads & ultimately baking a baguette…Just loved the write up, read & re read it…..looking forward to see many more interesting recipes on your blog…Keep up the good work….


    1. Thanks a lot. A baguette can be quite intimidating to make. See how long it took me. Hopefully I have made it fun enough for you to try. Will definitely be posting a lot of fun recipes here.

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  3. Finally we get to read your blog. Very well written. Still working on the breads today i am trying Maria Prem’s recipe of whole wheat bread. Have the soaked the biga. Going to do the soaker tonight. Will try to send u the picture of the bread if it turns out the way it should. Thanks for introducing me to breads. Very happy doing the breads.


  4. Hello Harini…I have always been a huge admirer of your breads & bakes and above all your write ups …:) Glad u have started this blog & thanks for the recipe..wish u all the very best! 🙂


  5. I saw your work of art on HBG and became a fan of yours 🙂 I was eagerly waiting for your class announcements and then it was there and I jumped and replied to you and my wish to meet you came true. Your class on bread has made me feel that making bread is not hard at all ( which i always felt when my attempts failed) and now I enjoy baking bread and they turn out wonderful. Thank you soooooooooooooooo much. Now will very keenly follow your blog. 🙂


  6. Wow harini … Congrats on the great work done. If I hadn’t attended one of ur class I ll still b a lame person in bread making … u being a great inspiration to me hv started with a new phase, and again encouraging all of us to indulge in art of bread making (“” full time””)… Last month I had baguette at pondy. Yeah it was so different n was wondering Hw long ll it take for me to get to there.. And as usual here u are … Still not prepared but hope to try soon..
    Congrats n do cheer us with the same smile n different breads…


    1. Do try the baguette. It is not so intimidating once you beak it down into baby steps. Let me know how it turns out. And I am so glad to have introduced you into the world of bread baking.


  7. I had been waiting for u to start your own blog. Am happy that it finally happened . You are one of the persons who motivated me into trying breads as I am one such person who doesn’t like breads that much. But now I love to try various breads. I have bookmarked your blog now 🙂


  8. Harini, you know I’m a big fan. Loving the blog so far and look forward to all the posts. I could picture that coffee shop and campus view in the hazelnut cake blog. 🙂 Happy writing. 🙂


  9. U rock Harini! Love the way you write you immediately transport us to where u are. The recipes are fail proof too thanks for being generous enough to share. Love ya……


  10. OMG!!Your ‘Shot of coffee'(coffee cake)was such a ripping success at home.Tried it yesterday .Was super super soft.Followed the recipe to the ‘t’.Turned out to be one of the best cakes I have ever made and was appreciated by all old and young at home.Straight away decided to follow your blog without a second thought and so here I am:)Rest assured you have found a loyal subject who will follow you to the ends of the earth:)) Dear Harini I cannot find words enough to thank you for your contribution to the humble community of amateur bakers like me.God bless you dear for all your efforts.
    Gayathri Unnithan


    1. Thank you so much for your words of appreciation Gayathri. It is very encouraging when bakers try out these recipes and it works out as well for them as it did for me. It sort of encourages me to try and push myself a little more. I do hope I can live up to your expectations. Happy baking!


  11. Hi! I follow u on HBG and greatly admire your work. I would love to attend your bread making workshops .

    Please to let me know if you are going to conduct any in the month of May. I’m based in Mumbai and am going to be there in May. In any case I shall continue following your blog. It’s awesome. 😊
    All the best.


  12. Dear Harini,
    I’m a regular visitor of your blog lately and love everything you do.
    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us!
    I feel really motivated to spend more time in the kitchen.
    I can’t wait to try all your recipes


  13. Hi Harini
    I m new to your blog and trying hard to search bread recipes
    How to go about it, Could you please guide me where is the index of recipes



    1. I am really sorry you had such a hard time. The free blogging site does not allow for many things like indexing etc. But you could just try and use some of the key words and search. If you do have the time just browse around the site. I will definitely try to find a simple solution to this issue.


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